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Volvo EX90 Order Books Temporarily Closed Due To High Demand

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Volvo has announced that they are temporarily closing EX90 orders due to high demand.

The company’s new born-electric flagship SUV, the Volvo EX90 that was globally launched last year, has received tremendous reception from customers. This has surpassed the company’s boldest and most ambitious internal projections. As a result, Volvo Cars has closed the order book for the time being because the first scheduled production run is sold out, but it will re-open again soon. The strong customer response has given the company renewed confidence in its strategy and roadmap for the future.

Suffering from its own success, Volvo has announced it's no longer accepting new orders for the EX90. The reason is strong demand has surpassed the company's production capacity, with the "tremendous reception" allowing the Geely-owned marque to sell out the first scheduled production run. If you’re not among the early adopters, the Swedish automaker says it will reopen the order books soon, without providing an exact timeframe.

The large electric SUV is scheduled to go into production in the final quarter of this year and will be assembled in Charleston, South Carolina as well as in Chengdu, China. Unlike other automakers that will happily take your order and make you wait one or even two years to take delivery, Volvo is being more pragmatic. The EX90 is not replacing the XC90 as the latter will remain on sale with combustion engines for the foreseeable future.

The disclosure about temporarily closing the order books was made in a press release pertaining to the Q1 2023 results. In the same document, Volvo mentions the entry-level EV will be unveiled "in a few months" as an SUV positioned below the XC40 and C40 Recharge models. The company is confident the new model – potentially called EX30 – will lure in younger buyers thanks to a lower asking price. It's slated to debut on June 15 with a "decent range," according to a statement made by CEO Jim Rowan at the beginning of the year.
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