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Over the past week, the Swedish manufacturer has previewed the technologies and features that will be included in the EX90 electric SUV.

After flirting with the interior and infotainment system, this time Volvo is flirting with the exterior of the EX90 electric SUV that will make its debut on November 9.

For the exterior, Volvo put efficiency at the top of the list when designing the EX90 by concentrating on reducing drag and cutting wind resistance.

The Volvo EX90 will have a drag coefficient of 0.29 which will help its driving range. The Volvo achieved a low CD with a rounded front end design and flat door handles, which is seen in the close-up teaser image.

The revealed teaser shows the LiDAR system integrated on the roof, sitting right above the windshield at the front of the roof. Volvo wants to place the system as high as possible so the LiDAR system can see as much as possible.

LiDAR will form the basis of its safety system by offering unattended autonomous driving capabilities. LiDAR can detect pedestrians up to 250 meters (820 feet) away.

The EX90 uses 16 ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras and five radars that monitor conditions outside the vehicle. Inside there are also sensors for the driver and passengers, one of which can detect sleeping children and pets left in the SUV and alert the driver if needed.

Source: Volvo EX90 exterior have 0.29 drag coefficient, maximize efficiency and driving range
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